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black veils

Reported by: Vorona on 2018-03-21 15:08:56
Addon: city-lights
Date edit: 2018-03-21 15:08:56
Status: open
Description: I downloaded the track in 0.9.3 ; the streets are grey, most of decorations are missing and above all I run most of the time through black veils that hide the scenery (but do not cause any collision) ; this track is not playable for me. There were similar bugs in a previous version but I think not so many. I have already played this track some years ago and it was fine, so it would be nice if Wolfs or someone else could fix it ...


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Same on Win7 with GTX 650Ti & Fedora 26 with RX480


Wolfs provided an updated version on the forum which was published in 2021 as City Lights, solving these issues in current STK versions.