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Crashes online and offline, missing On The Beach_track.b3d

Reported by: kimden on 2019-10-29 12:42:06
Addon: on-the-beach
Date edit: 2019-10-29 12:42:06
Status: open
Description: Please note that the track by Ingo Ruhnke crashes, the one with Konqi in the logo.[error ] EventHandler: While loading track '_____/addons/tracks/on-the-beach_2/track.xml'[error ] Irrlicht: Could not load mesh, because file could not be opened: : _____/addons/tracks/on-the-beach_2/On The Beach_track.b3d[error ] irr_driver: Cannot load mesh <_____/addons/tracks/on-the-beach_2/On The Beach_track.b3d>[fatal ] track: Main track model 'track' in 'On The Beach_track.b3d' not found, aborting.Seems like On The Beach_track.b3d is missing


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Open the folder with addons. Find the folder "on-the-beach_2". Open it and rename the file "On the Beach_track.b3d" to "On The Beach_track.b3d".
so letter case is important
The fui TUX


Still crashes. Problem is that the filename to be opened ("On The Beach_track.b3d") is different than the actual (existing) filename ("On the Beach_track.b3d").Note: "The" vs "the".Should not it be fixed in the scene.xml of on-the-beach_2 addon?