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Upload problem

Reported by: Kiki79250CoC on 2018-06-16 20:15:49
Addon: mozilla
Date edit: 2018-06-16 20:15:49
Status: open
Description: The following error :B3DException: File size declaration is incorrect in /var/www/html/stk-addons/include/parsers/B3DParser.class.php:72 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/html/stk-addons/include/parsers/Parser.class.php(104): B3DParser->_loadFile() #1 /var/www/html/stk-addons/include/Upload.class.php(678): Parser->loadFile('/tmp/stk-upload...') #2 /var/www/html/stk-addons/include/Upload.class.php(318): Upload->parseFiles() #3 /var/www/html/stk-addons/include/Upload.class.php(251): Upload->prepareUploadedFiles() #4 /var/www/html/stk-addons/include/Upload.class.php(180): Upload->doUpload() #5 /var/www/html/stk-addons/upload.php(134): Upload->__construct(Array, NULL, 0, 3, 'Auto-message: C...') #6 {main}Can't upload my new addon : Golden Mozilla


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Hi, to get support you should create a topic on https://forum.freegamedev.net/viewforum.php?f=16 (this place is to file bug reports for addons, so the addon makers can correct them)
In your error message I see you are using the old .b3d format, this means you are using an old export addon for blender. The current one uses the new .spm formta.To get the newest export scripts look here: https://supertuxkart.net/Installing_Tools#Installing_SuperTuxKart_Blender_Scripts